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A sexual relationship can and should be a source of extreme pleasure and an effective stress-reliever, creating a profound feeling of intimacy, well-being, satisfaction and relaxation.

Yet, for so many women, good sex and sexual satisfaction remain elusive. Even for those who are orgasmic, the climax often take too long to come or is less than satisfying when it does. For many, orgasm never comes – a tragic situation.

Female Orgasm Difficulties and Sexual Dysfunction are Common Problems.

female sexual dysfunctionAn article published by the Cleveland Clinic  on Sexual Dysfunction reports this astonishing fact:

“43% of women in the US suffer from some level of sexual dysfunction.”

Vigorelle female sexual stimulant is proven for enhancement of sex response in women and for achieving fast, multiple female orgasm.

It is now known that, in the vast majority of cases, inadequate sexual response or the inability to reach a climax are due to physiological causes that can easily be overcome. There are tested and proven techniques and new herbal sexual stimulants that greatly enhance sexual response, leading to satisfying and fulfilling orgasms.

Vigorelle stimulant cream instantly enhances female sexual response, boosting arousal, lubrication and climax.

We know that sexual response in women is heightened when blood flows into the genital tissues, particularly the clitoris and vaginal areas.

sexually arousedThis blood flow is under the control of nitric oxide, which during sexual stimulation, turns on an enzyme that relaxes the muscles of the blood vessels. The result is increased blood flow into the genitals.

L-Arginine is a stimulant used by the human body to produce nitric oxide. Sex stimulant creams for women have been developed using L-Arginine, which work with a woman’s body, to increase blood flow to the clitoris and vagina. This creates powerful sensations during sex.

Vigorelle has been formulated based on this research and has been proven to be a highly effective female sex stimulant.

Vigorelle for Women is safe, natural, requires no prescription for use, and has no chemical additives such as propylene glycol or metha paraban substances.

Guaranteed results:

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  • Much more sensitive and responsive to sexual stimulation
  • Reach orgasm easier and faster and with greater intensity
  • Climax through intercourse every time
  • Attain extraordinarily intense and / or multiple orgasms
  • Experience increased sexual desire
  • Become a more active, eager and excited participant in sex.

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